A Spark of Gratitude | Vanilla Bean

A Spark of Gratitude
Vanilla Bean

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Yummy notes of Vanilla fill the air as you read the affirmation inside the lid. Get to the bottom and find a token of gratitude to hold close and welcome gratitude into your life.

Regular: 8 oz. | Burn Time: 50 hours

Travel Size: 4 oz. | Burn Time: 25 hours

More than just a candle

SoulSpark Candles are based on affirmations of love, gratitude, confidence, and prosperity. Each candle is hand poured by the beach in beautiful San Diego using a soy/coconut based wax and essential oils. As you light the candle read the affirmation on the inside lid and repeat the affirmation each time you light it. When the candle is gone you will find a token to keep as a reminder of all the great positive things in your life and the possibilities of what’s to come!